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How Mastercard Croatia's '1IN4 MILLION' Campaign Reinvigorated Brand Preference Amidst Economic Challenges


Goals and objectives

Mastercard Croatia was facing a decline of brand preference in Croatia in 2017 and 2018. They have approached C3 – Creative, Code and Content Croatia/ C3 Group Berlin and Native Ad Studio of Hanza Media aiming to strengthen emotional relationship with local community, particularly their partners - consumers, merchants, businesses. At the same time Croatia has been facing one of the biggest depression and emigration rate in EU. Due to the prolonged economic crisis - more than 348.000 people emigrated because they couldn’t see the future in Croatia. Croatia is the second unhappy nation in EU: UN World Happiness Report 2018 showcased that people think it is hard to realise ambitions and potentials in Croatia. They don’t believe they have equal opportunities for getting ahead in life (Eurobarometar, 2018).
Mastercard Croatia decided to undertake a social impact 360 native campaign in order to showcase perspective and to boost positive and entrepreneurial mindset that might lead to economic growth and increase life satisfaction.

  1. Awareness / to rise awareness of the importance of positive economic and social trends, digital economy and proactive mindset in order to build economically successful country
  2. Community / to engage local community, showcase perspective and help them achieve their goals
  3. Thought leader / to strengthen Mastercard position as a thought leader and relevant partner that meets consumers’ needs in a holistic way
  4. Engagement/ to strengthen emotional relationship with Mastercard brand; increase the brand preference; to evolve Priceless concept and rise the awareness on the Start Something Priceless concept in Croatia