Alkohol & Society

Campaign - Alkohol & Society

Goals and objectives

Alkohol & Society ran a campaign in 2020 with the purpose of showing that alcohol addiction can strike anyone, not just the man on the bench. Even though the campaign had a huge effect, there is still a long way to go in 2021.

More than 54% of Danes believe that we generally drink too much in the Danish culture.

1/3 of Danish men drink so much that it can be characterized as a harmful consumption

The National Board of Health estimates that approximately *:
860,000 have a high consumption of alcohol
640,000 have a harmful alcohol consumption
147,000 are addicted to alcohol

Recent research has shown that alcohol is the direct cause of seven different types of cancer, as well as a wide range of consequences for the drinker's family and close circle of associates. Therefore, the problem is not just a health problem. It's a societal problem. And we wanted to affect the people who have a high to harmful consumption of alcohol, so we can reach people, before they get addicted.

Therefore, the main objectives for the campaign were to make it clear that you can get help if you have a harmful to high consumption, focus on antistigmitization, detabooing the man on the bench and hopefully reach people before they become addicted.