What Vichy's Innovative Approach to Skin Boosters Reveals About Targeting Millennial Women

BFF – The Friendship Journey

Goals and objectives

Skin boosters are a novelty on the skincare market. They represent a new step in the women’s skincare routine with the purpose of the rest of the skincare products to absorb better. The result? Enhancing the overall effectiveness of women’s routine.

In 2018. Vichy presented the Minéral 89 skin booster to the Croatian market and created a huge buzz. Today, Vichy Minéral 89 is the market leader when it comes to the category of skin moisturizers and they wanted to maintain the leading position among millennial women for years to come.

As we dived into the research of the brand and target audience, we came across the key insights which led us to a creative finish in the form of a powerful native campaign, that aims brand empowerment through associating it to friendship.

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