What Makes Telenor's Wifi Campaign a Standout in the Competitive Telecommunications Landscape

Telenor – Wifi for Everyone

Goals and objectives

Telenor is a big Norwegian telecommunications company running internationally. They have operated the Swedish market since 2005. In 2018 they became our client. Our mission was to do a native campaign that brings out what the customers benefit from choosing Telenor’s wifi offer. The client’s belief is that societies that stay connected are stronger. And their wifi service makes many digital smart services possible to use. So, we can easily say that wifi makes modern everyday life easier. This was the foundation of our campaign “wifi för alla hem” (”Wifi for Everyone”). Telenor wanted to put normal life into a native experience and Bonnier News Brand Studio responded with a unique tv series, specifically designed articles and tv explainers to fit the tone of their nationwide platform - Expressen, with the mission to help users improve their home wifi-connection. We built the campaign as a unique and entertaining story experience that makes you want to know more. The campaigns main message was to spread the word about Telenor as a brilliant supplier of broadband and wifi by lifting wifi as an enabler. The work process’ main goal was to change the image of Telenor and give them a stronger market position. Many associated Telenor with phone subscription and on the wifi market there's a lot of competition. They were a real go-to in the area, and they needed to broaden their offer. To do this, a unique campaign concept was forged.