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What It Takes to Break the Silence: Insights from a Government Campaign on Psychological Violence

Det Kriminalpræventive Råd

Goals and objectives

Our client Det Kriminalpræventive Råd (Translated: The Criminal Prevented Counsil) overall wanted to bring awareness to psychological partner violence and show that it comes in many forms. They wanted to inform the danish people that it is unacceptable and illegal in Denmark, and they wanted victims and relatives to know how to identify it and handle it. Further, they wanted to inform that it can have serious consequences for the victims and their children, and explain how and where to seek help.

The campaign objectives was:

  • Prevent the psychological violence from escalating and manifesting itself in serious consequences
  • Create knowledge and reflection among victims, which can lead to earlier recognition of being exposed to psychological violence.
  • Contribute to increasing the victims' belief that they can break with the psychological violence with support, help and counseling.
  • The campaign aims to reduce psychological violence so that more people react and 'interfere'
  • Contribute to making it easier to talk about psychological violence for both victims and relatives.

Together with Drum and DKR we wanted to create a campaign that could embrace all of that. We wanted to focus on the victims, and wanted to show them how to reach out to someone, and get out of the unhealthy relationships. We wanted to debunk the topic and do that by targeting the right audience.

DKR wanted to reach women in ages 16-29, since they are the ones who mainly experience psychological partner violence.

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