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How Neptune Energy was saved by a pizza oven

Campaign - How Neptune Energy was saved by a pizza oven

Goals and objectives

Neptune Energy is a an independent international oil and gas exploration and production company based in Stavanger, Norway.

Neptune Energy reached out to Schibsted with a specific challenge: they needed more employees, particularly several new geologists as soon as possible.

For Neptune Energy, having the right number and quality of employees was crucial as a shortage could lead to decreased productivity, lost profits and increased workload and stress for current employees. Therefore, in addition to attracting potential high quality employees to Neptune Energy, it was important that employees would feel that the company they work for has a strong and positive reputation - and therefore would be more likely to be satisfied with their job and have a sense of pride in the company.

However, when the unemployment rate is low and there is high competition from larger companies, it can be challenging for small independent companies like Neptune Energy to hire new geologists. Larger companies often have more recognizable brands which make them more attractive to job seekers. Additionally, they have larger networks and more connections to potential job candidates, making it difficult for small independent companies to compete.