Why Authenticity in Celebrity Partnerships Elevates Product Launch Campaigns

John Mayer Goes Outside

Goals and objectives

The client came to Atlantic Re:think with the goal of drumming up sales, awareness and excitement for the launch of the newest edition of the iconic Defender, which had not been available stateside since 1997. The priority was to reach as many viewers as possible, so turning to a celebrity endorsement was a natural decision for our video. Bringing in John Mayer—a longtime Defender enthusiast—allowed the video to shine a light on the vehicle’s design, performance and amenities in an authentic way.

The Defender is designed to tackle any terrain or weather, which is why it has had a reputation as the preferred vehicle of adventurers for more than 70 years. To draw on this history, we wanted our video to tell a story about exploring the great outdoors in our National Parks. In doing so, we hoped to lean into the emotional side of driving: the feelings of wonder and joy that can be uniquely experienced on the open road.