Why EF's Native Campaign is a Masterclass in Communicating with Teen Audiences

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Goals and objectives

Teenagers going abroad for the very first time, usually have a lot of questions and concerns. Do I speak the language well enough? Will I be able to make friends in the new country? Or will I be lonely? These concerns are well known to the Danish company, EF Denmark (Education First), which offers study programs in 52 International Language Campuses globally for people aged 10 and up. EF has recently increased its marketing efforts to teens, since this group is the most nervous going abroad for the very first time.

EF sought to inspire and inform teen girls who are considering studying abroad through a native campaign. EF wanted to let the girls know how to talk with their parents about their hopes and dreams for their time abroad, how to prepare for the trip, what to pack, what to expect during the stay, what outcome the teens could expect, and more. EF also wanted to create a strong brand awareness with the campaign, so that the company ensured a top of mind recall if the teens wanted to go abroad later in life to study, EF would be the obvious choice.

In addition, EF wanted to try a new, contemporary way of communicating with the teens, through a universe that is perceived as relevant and authentic to the target audience. That’s why EF teamed up with the Danish teen universe, Vi Unge, and decided that a podcast channel strategy would be the perfect fit for the campaign goal.