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What Makes a Whiskey Campaign Memorable? Key Strategies for Captivating Audiences

Goals and objectives

The “Stará žitná myslivecká” is a traditional Czech brand of alcohol that has been produced since 1847 and is part of the oldest distillery in Central Europe, whose roots date back to 1517. Although it is a rye distillate and whiskey, most of the population perceived it as an unattractive herbal liqueur. The cause is hidden in historical context, the then "Stará žitná" (=old rye) was called "myslivecká" (=gamekeeper's) by people themselves because the image of the gamekeeper became part of the label of the bottle. In people's minds, "myslivecká" (=gamekeeper's) became more common than "žitná" (=rye). And that's where the strong perception of the brand as herbal liqueur for older generations comes from. As a gamekeeper naturally calls for associations like forest, green, herbs, etc.

The long-term communication goal of the brand is to change this perception and show people that “Stará žitná myslivecká” is a quality drink for gentlemen. It is made from rye, aged in barrels, and its premium product lines can withstand comparison with world-renowned whiskey brands. These renew associations are crucial because people are willing to spend more for whiskey than for herbal liquors.

The brand ambassador is a well-known Czech actor Jiří Bartoška, who is considered a nonchalant gentleman by all generations of Czechs. We wanted to come up with a way to involve him in the content in an original way.