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SIS Sessions

Goals and objectives

Skincare brand Physiogel wanted to re-establish its market strength after being out of the limelight for quite some time. Social media presence was not a priority for them for the past years and this became an opportunity for their main competition (a 70-year old known family brand) to maintain its presence by consistently having content for the target audience.

Fighting against a 70-year old giant, Physiogel lied low and under the radar in terms of ad efforts. Despite this, it was still able to claim good product performance being awarded as the “No. 1 brand recommended by Filipino dermatologists” in 2015-2016 IMS Data as it offers advanced skin-science to modern empowered women.

In 2020 when the pandemic hit and PERSONAL CARE BECAME ESSENTIAL, it needed to be communicated more within the target market. With the pandemic on full-swing and brands were recalibrating their marketing efforts, clearly there was no way for Physiogel but to go digital, and being more active on social media is their only way to re-establish their position and grab market share. And digital has emerged as the winner of media channels during the frequent lockdowns in the Philippines overtaking mainstream channels.

The goal was to create a relevant and impactful campaign that will reintroduce Physiogel via compelling brand differentiating stories that will lead to trial among competitive and new users in the category.