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The future of Native Advertising

September 21, 2023

Although there is much confusion about the correct definition of Native Advertising, we can already take a glimpse into the future to discover the potential of this form of advertising.

Native Advertising is the automated and scalable distribution of content marked as advertisement, which reaches the recipient in an individualized form, function and appearance in topic –and target- group relevant publications. It is shareable on social media and enables a detailed monitoring. But this is just the beginning.

So what will native advertising look like in the future?

In the not too distant future, it will not only be possible to identify and localize clients, but also to align dates, time, weather, mood status and many more parameters. And these now possibilities will also spill over to form the future of native ads. 

Individual and targeted content will be created and displayed, and some already call that “programmatic creative”.

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Taking the users handling of his individualized content as a basis, the following content is generated. The content becomes “alive” and the page, on which the client consumes it, is going to become a sort of web browser. For example, it displays content pictures to the client, which could pulse, for example, or show different types of activity impulses to the consumer. When the user scrolls over it, customized animations and information signal the recipient to put the product in his shopping bag or to remember it.

Endless possibilities for native ads in the future

Eventually, the user continues with his content, while the system already changes the part of the page the user has not yet scrolled to and adjusts content texts and pictures in line with the user's earlier actions. At the end of the content, the system would offer the user the opportunity to finish the purchase on the page, without redirecting him to an advertiser's external page.

We assume that this dynamic content in the medium's context can be used as some kind of micro-browser. This does not inevitably result in a purchase process only. Interactive dialogues, forms, branding actions and other additional actions are feasible in terms of native advertising. The possibilities are endless!

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Sounds like science fiction? 

Would precisely this not be native? Individual content that is suited to the target group, which considers a number of factors like the user's medium, target group, location and much more. No breaks, no disturbance, no waste of time. Relevant information in a native environment that takes both online and offline into account.

Still a distant future? 

Until recently, it was an unthinkable idea to distribute dynamic and centrally coordinated content in many different mediums in common form, optic and function. This step was successfully taken. The next step would be the dynamization and individualization of content for the single user.