Why Blending Art and Technology Works: LG Signature's Innovative Advertising Strategy

LG Signature

Goals and objectives

LG wanted to reinforce brand awareness and preference for its SIGNATURE products among affluent individuals in specific countries across the globe.

LG sought to leverage CNN’s international reach and scale to deliver its brand messages to its key target audiences – Sensible Rich, HNWIs and Affluent Millennials, targeted globally with 13 key markets: US, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, Russia, Nordic countries, Mexico, Colombia, UAE, Australia, Taiwan and Japan.

Using a visual and narrative treatment focusing on the disciple, craft and beauty of dance, blending in elements of wellness, would all appeal to the target audience's interests.

This campaign highlights a story on Herman Cornejo’s ballet practice through the subject of breathing; the discipline and art of breathing visualised through ballet movements. Breathing in ballet dictates much of how movements happen, it can help enhance a move and give strength to the dancer overall. This focus will highlight the ideas behind precision and detail in ballet that will naturally align with LG SIGNATURE’s TV range.

The film will feature Herman rehearsing as well as a stylised practice session where we heighten his moves under his breathing practice.