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Why Esquire Singapore's Fusion of AI and Human Creativity Marks a New Era in Magazine Publishing

Goals and objectives

With the growth and influence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in all aspects of our lives, award-winning magazine Esquire Singapore continues to push the boundaries of story telling by unveiling its April ‘AI’ issue; an industry-first print book that has been curated and written by both human editors as well as an artificially intelligent editor, named ‘AI Squire’, specifically created by Esquire Singapore promote the services of AI consulting company QLX and world's first app-less hologram company, HoloMe.

To showcase the 2 companies, Esquire Singapore created the following

  1. AI generated stories by Bot Editor, Squire
    As an editor, AI Squire suggested story ideas for Esquire’s human editorial team to execute as well as write its own stories for the book. Stories by AI Squire have been marked within the April Issue with a robot icon accompanied by the text ‘AI WRITTEN’ (indicating it is written by AI Squire) or ‘AI CURATED’ (recommended story idea by AI editor Squire but written by the human Esquire editorial team).
  2. Hologram of cover star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
    To promote services by HoloMe, Esquire Singapore revealed the world’s first app-less AR experience where readers were able to bring a hologram of cover star Nikolaj Coster–Waldau—who famously plays Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones—to life by simply scanning a QR code within the cover story

Dual covers for April
As a nod to human and AI editors create the magazine, Esquire Singapore launched two covers for April: actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and virtual robot personality, Blawko

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