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How 'The Queen of Ice' Story Captivated Norway's Audience: A Case Study in Engaging Long-Read Content

The Queen of Ice: Sonja Henie

Goals and objectives

VG Partnerstudio’s mission is to tell great stories on behalf of advertisers and get the Norwegian population interested in their message. In this case our mission was to promote and create interest for the film «Sonja» by Nordisk Film.

We created a long-read story in which we told the story about the queen of the ice: the norwegian skater and movie star, Sonja Henie. The goal was to get as many as possible to read the article in order for them to get interested enough in Sonja Henie so that they would see the movie in theaters. We’ve done similar campaigns for this client earlier, so we had everything to prove when it came to delivering on the clients expectations to page views and reading time.

To draw attention to the campaign we decided to distribute it on the front page of – Norways biggest online newspaper, and all its 2,4 million daily readers. We created several different angles that our front page manager could work with on the days the article was distributed.

A project like this require a lot of research. Our writer spent weeks reading books, watching documentaries, studying old article clippings and talking to experts. Eventually we had the text done – and we decided to keep the article design simple as to keep the main focus on the drama in the story – which there was a lot of.

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