IG Börssnack

Campaign - IG Börssnack

Goals and objectives

IG has outgrown its suit in the Swedish market and needs to take the next step to attract customers from their main competitors Avanza and Nordnet. The success of the podcast "Börssnack" with the expert duo Erik Hansén and Jonas Olavi has paved the way for this.

This year it was time to turn the podcast success into a TV-success.

The challenge: make Scandinavia's best weekly studio show for daytraders.

Goal: produce 40 episodes á 20 minutes and distribute on Di.se (the biggest business newspaper in the Nordics), IG's own channels, Youtube and meta.

The objective: make Scandinavia's best weekly studio show for daytraders, increase the awareness for IG and attract new customers to the plattform.