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How 'Living Neighborhoods' Boosted Interest in Prague's Hagibor Borough

Goals and objectives

The developer Crestyl builds apartment houses in the brownfields of Prague. At the time of the preparation of the campaign for the sale of the apartments in Hagibor, the developer had already completed the apartment houses DOCK at a lucrative address in KarlĂ­n. This time, however, they needed to lure people a bit further away from the city center. It was our objective to get people interested in living in the borough of Hagibor, which was often not familiar even to people who were born in Prague. On top of that, it is a part of Prague that does not count among the most lucrative of addresses.

The aim of the campaign was to create content that (1) would introduce the new Hagibor project to the general public and (2) lure potential buyers in purchasing an apartment.

Budget: CZK 300,000

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