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This Best Case was conceptualized in accordance with the Native Advertising Program “Campaign Booster”, which aims at digitally extending TV commercial campaigns.

The program is one of the offerings from Axel Springer Brand Studio, the digital native advertising and brand storytelling division of Europe’s leading digital publisher.

At Axel Springer Brand Studio, journalists, video producers, digital strategists and social media experts translate brand goals into content-centric storytelling and 360-degree campaigns with maximum impact.

Since brands like MediaMarkt, Saturn, Veltins or Deka have executed “Campaign Boosters” from the Axel Springer Brand Studio, there have been millions of extra views generated for TV commercials on both BILD’s owned-and-operated platforms as well as on social media. Noteworthy for the program are the quality of generated views (watch time) and the immensely high user engagement rates.

This resource is a paid partner piece from Alex Springer Brand Studio

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